Qigong in Psychotherapy
You can do so much by doing so little
By Patrick Dougherty, M.A., L.P.

In this breakthrough book, psychologist and qigong teacher Patrick Dougherty shows the reader simple, powerful ways to integrate elements of Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine into Western mental health practices. From teaching simple mind/body techniques, such as focused breathing and imagery, to explaining how the energetic world we live in affects our emotional and psychological health, Dougherty shows us how to quickly and easily enhance our well being. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this book is its emphasis on our fundamental interconnectedness, and how following the practices in this book can lead to a more open-hearted engagement with the world.

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Praise for Qigong in Psychotherapy

“The Chinese have used qigong for thousands of years to help people with physical and mental health problems and now these practices are being incorporated into Western health care. Patrick Dougherty has found the essence of qigong and made it easy to understand and simple to use. This is a wonderful book for psychotherapists, their clients and anyone interested in a holistic approach to mental health. You really can do much for people by doing just a little.”

—Chunyi Lin, Qigong Master, creator of Spring Forest Qigong, coauthor of the bestseller, Born A Healer

“Following the centuries-old tradition of Taoist writers, Patrick Dougherty has taken complex principles of Taoism and made them elegantly simple. In Qigong and Psychotherapy you will find practical techniques that are easy to apply in both psychotherapy and everyday life. There are real life examples to show how these techniques can be used to both deepen and speed the process of psychotherapy, and the exercises are written with clear and easily followed directions for immediate application. While this book offers relief from suffering, it also goes beyond that to lead the reader to greater engagement and deeper connection with all of life. Qigong in Psychotherapy
distills Taoist wisdom into accessible means for living a whole and joyful life.”

—Henry Emmons, MD, author of The Chemistry of Joy: A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom

“Patrick Dougherty’s first work is brilliant. He has brought the Eastern Spiritual practice of qigong into his Western psychological counseling sessions and made a perfect marriage. He has successfully delineated in positive, specific and constructive terms the means one can incorporate in one individual a lay person, psychologist, qigong practitioner or health care provider. The information and concepts flow effortlessly into the reader’s consciousness in this easy to read presentation. Everyone will benefit from exploring this delightful book.”

—Gregory C. Gerber, MD, Medical Director Energy Enhancement Systems











"Practicing qigong can change your life and leads you to feel love, kindness and forgiveness, for everyone."

-- Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.




















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